June 28, 2011


Today I received some shocking news, some friends of ours are staring divorce in the face.  V and I used to be closer to this couple but somehow we just grew apart over the years... I'm finding it difficult to even express what I'm feeling inside.  I know of very few people who are facing this, I have acquaintances that have gotten divorced, friends of friends but no one this close to us.  They are honestly one of the last couples I would have imagined this happening to, which in part means they have been struggling in silence and alone and that absolutely breaks my heart.  Even more worse is the fact that they have a child who is less than a year old.  I won't allow my mind to speculate as to what caused this because it's none of my business, if it were I would know.  My heart bleeds for them and cries out in prayers for them.

As usual no real point to this post, just trying to get some thoughts out of my head.

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