June 4, 2011


So last week at my dr appt Dr. Wonderful mentioned that he thinks little guy isn't exactly so little.  He did some pushing around and said he thinks little guy is already 7-7.5lbs.  Not huge but then Dr. Wonderful did some pushing around on my...ah....naughty bits (for lack of a better word) and also mentioned that he doesn't think I have a very big pelvis.  Ut oh.  Because I'm not progressing yet he's not ready to talk induction and said "everyone gets a shot at labor." which freaked me the he!! out!  This pregnancy sure has been a ride and I had sincerely hoped at least this part would be, dare I say, somewhat easy or "normal".  No one wants a c-section, well maybe some women do but I'm not among them.  I spent that evening with V doing most things we could think of to get little guy to make some down-ward progress including talking to him about it.  The next morning I was so mad at myself for that.  After all the early scares we had about losing little guy (before we knew he was indeed a guy) now I'm trying to get him to come before he's ready?! WTF self, wtf!?  Needless to say today I've changed my attitude.  I'm in disbelief we've even made it this far, that in no more than no two weeks, by whatever means necessary, I'll have a healthy baby boy in my arms.  I really need to be way more thankful that my body has done such a great job of keeping him in there and baking him.  So what if he's a bit bigger!  I'll figure out how to heal and deal with a c-section, it doesn't make me less of a woman or mother! 

Sorry that was a bit rambly, nothing unusual for me, just needed to get that out. Happy Saturday Peeps!


  1. Glad you vented. No need to keep that in with all of us here for you. A little story: I went into my checkup for E on a Tuesday, and they scared me a little bit and said her heartbeat had been slowing and they wanted me to go to the hospital for tests. Oh my! One exam and ultrasound later and they said I was fine but if I didn't go into labor by that Friday they would have to C section me. Hmmm. I was not too pleased, I so wanted to have an easy labor for once, and do it the way it was supposed to be. But I decided, whatever it would take to get her, I would do it and be fine. So I took a deep breath and continued on. That Thursday, I went in to labor around Midnight. I didn't wake S, just went out on the couch and cross stitched and enjoyed every little pain and movement until 7am when she would no longer be denied....LOL At 11:17 E arrived and of course I was thrilled. But I would have been thrilled anyway she had arrived. You will be fine and not matter what it takes, you will have your little baby boy. I am praying for you and before long, it will all be past and you'll be a Mommy. :)

  2. I'm sunset+skies on TheBump, just stalkin' some blogs.

    I'm in the same boat as you - not a very wide pelvis, and my LO was measuring 7.5-8lbs at an ultrasound at 36.5 weeks.

    I'll be 38.5 weeks on Wednesday, where we're going to do the membrane strip. If that doesn't work, I'll be induced on my due date of June 19 to try and avoid a c-setion. Hopefully both of us can have our little guys with as few interventions as possible!