June 6, 2011

Understanding the Waddle

Happy Monday Peeps!  I thought I'd start our week off with a funny revelation I had this morning!

This is my journey to understanding {Pregnancy} Waddling :)

It was a fairly typical morning around the 'ol house with V and I both preparing for work today, in our usual routine except I'm a bit sleep deprived, my body is preparing for baby by waking me every 1.5 hrs  (at most)  throughout the night to pee....I know this is for the best but today I'm pooped!  And I woke with a sore belly...in truth I'm not sure why it's sore, it feels....well....it just kinda hurts but little guy is wiggling about so I'm not concerned.  Perhaps I was having Braxton Hicks in the night?  Anyway I get up to shower, puffy feet and all and realize I'm waddling more than ever.  Now I can usually concentrate and not waddle but if I'm at home I usually let the waddle flow especially early in the morning. :)  Today was a prime example, you know you are waddling when even the dog moves our of your way!  Anyway the morning progresses and eventually I'm at work but still kinda waddling.  I actually thought to myself "ok Jen, enough with the waddling, you can do this!"  but it was kinda hard to stop so I took a moment while waddling from one end of our building to the other to access the root cause of my waddle: 
1.  Little guy is on top of my bladder these days a wider walk helps reduce the pressure, at least until I can get to the ladies room.
2. My bladder has the same retention ability as a chip monk, I'm not sure how this causes the waddle but I've noticed an increase in my waddling when I have to tinkle! 
3.  My belly is starting to drop (I think) that it's interfering with my ability to walk "correctly"
4. Exhaustion (enough said, yes?)
5. The faster I try to go the more I waddle, I'm absolutely certain this is hilarious of you are an on looker! 
6.The puffy feet, yes I blame them.  They hurt, not horribly but enough to be uncomfortable...thankfully my boss ok'd me to wear flip flops for the remainder of my pregnancy (I got nice ones so it's not like they are my Nike ones or something). 

I guess my point is that I thought (pre-pregnancy) that pregnant women waddled for attention, I mean I don't blame them!  Eat up all the attention you can, why not!  Nope, I was totally wrong it's totally physical, who would have thought, not me apparently!  :)

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