June 11, 2011

A Bit Relived.

I had my weekly appt on Tuesday, a full 39 weeks...hard to believe isn't it?  I went into the appt ready to get this show on the road.  But then I sat there waiting for my turn, like I do every week...my poor dr is always so busy I've never gotten in on time, which is fine with me, he's worth the wait.  As I'm sitting there little guy is wiggling as best he can in his confined quarters and it occurs to me this could be the last time I feel this and I was deeply saddened.  I'll be fully honest with you, I'm not sure V and I will [try to] have more children (and I'm certainly not sure that even if we want more we can have more)...I've tried hard to walk through each and every moment of my pregnancy with this thought in my foreground; "this could be the only shot I get at this, I'm going to make the best of it."  As a result I've been called the "happiest pregnant woman" by many people and suffered little criticism about my hormones.  I consider it a complement.  Wow I got off course, back to my point.  So I get into see Dr Wonderful and I've made no progress therefore no steps towards inducing will be taken for now.  Fair enough, I mean I get it the more progress I can make naturally the less likely it is I'll end up with a c-section.  (Dr Wonderful didn't seem nearly as worried about little guy's size this week still putting him at 7-7.5lbs.)  Sure I was disappointed, I'm ready to meet this little guy but at the same time I so love this special time with him.  I so love the attention V gives both of us, he's super affectionate lately and I'm happy to share that with little guy!  Plus I know they grow so fast!  The moment he's out he'll just start growing up, so today I sit here treasuring each moment, each wiggle.  It's funny that as I walked the stairs to Dr Wonderful's office I was praying for an induction and was I walked the stairs leaving I was relieved to not be getting one.  Funny how life works!


  1. I hope you don't have too much longer to wait. These last days can seem like years yet the days pass by too quickly once they are here. I have learned to have patience (though too late) and enjoy everything I can, even the bad.

    Can't wait to read an update of when your LO gets here. :D

  2. I totally understand this! You've been great about enjoying every minute of your pregnancy! A happy prego mom for sure!