June 2, 2011

~2 Weeks Remaining

Weighty Issues: I'm done answering this question, not because I'm ashamed of the way I've treated my body or fed my son in the last ~9 months but because I'm swellling a lot and retaining a lot of water (my dr estimates over10lbs!). I refuse to report my weight each week knowing this because, yes it will hurt my feelings. So there you have it.

Stretch Marks: have not taken up residence on the belly [yet], the community of the on my boobies is expanding.....

Sleep: I learned that I feel better if I intentionally don't sleep too long so this weekend I made sure to only sleep an extra ~hour/morning and napped if needed, it was just enough and I felt pretty great all weekend, yay me!

Best Moment this week: Yesterday he was SO wiggly it was crazy and fun!  I can't belive he still has enough room to move as much as he was!

Food: The usual, salads, fruit etc.  I did have an amazing smoothie yesterday, may have to get another on the way home from the dr!

Clothes: Maternity, end of story....I mean really, who wears "normal" clothes at this point?!!?

Labor signs: I've had a few pains that left me standing there wondering if something was about to happen but nothing for sure....yet!  I had a really bad pain in my southern parts in front of my hubby and bestie over the weekend, it was kinda funny [in retrospect] because it hurt so bad I couldn't help but let out a "OUUUUCH!!!!" they both just stopped and looked me, lol!  I was like "sorry, carry on." :)

Belly Button: Oh my gosh it's SO out, it actually does hurt, it's ready to retreat!

What I miss: A couple things but the remaining days of my pregnancy are so few that I can deal.

What I’m looking forward too: His BIRTHday. I want so much to see what he looks like, hear his little cry, hold him, see his daddy hold him.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking with my favorite "everyday is a miracle, treat it that way!"

Weekly WTF: WTF hormones, seriously chill!

Nesting: I'm over nesting, I do re-organize little guys room frequently.....LOL!

Milestones: At this point all little guy has to do is sit back and gain weight! He is about 6.8 lbs and 19.5 inches according to my book!

For more on the development of a FULL TERM 38 week old baby click HERE.

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