June 23, 2011

Take Your Judgement and Shove It!

Why is it that the moment you announce you are pregnant (or you start showing) is the exact moment people think they can openly judge you?  And why does this not stop when you have a newborn in your arms?

I was pretty self conscious about not being able to wear my wedding rings while pregnant (I was far too swollen).  Since Liam arrived I hardly care, I have much more important things on my mind, and I'm still slightly swollen.  I've noticed people treat me totally different if my ring finger is bare or if there is a cheap fake stone there.  This makes me want to puke or punch them depending on my hormone levels at the moment.  What is wrong with society?  Can't we support one another?  I'm clearly not a unwed 16 year old mom, but what if I was and I was in despite need of some support?!?!  Why judge one another, why now be supportive and understanding and reach out to one another?  Geeze just share a smile!

Another thing that bugs me is the people, usually strangers or people who only assume they know me, is forcing their opinions on me.  I had one person sending me these ridiculous online articles about natural birth and other related topics.  I hated that she assumed I had not educated myself and she outwardly told me she didn't think my dr had my best interest at heart.  She had never met him!  And she was sorely mistaken.  Her actions ruined whatever friendship we may have had.  All because she choose to judge me instead of being understanding and kind.

It could be in part my hormones but I'm so sick of people being judgemental, this is not our jobs!  So take your judgement and shove it!


  1. ugh People ARE so judgy. LO constantly shows hunger signs with her hands in mouth. Always. Even after just eating. So I feed her a huge feeding and off we go to the restaurant close by. Well SIL happened to know our waitress. She's checking out LO and goes "Oh no, she's hungry. You're supposed to feed her before you leave the house!". Ummmm Yeah. We did thanks! I pretty much just told her "yeah. she always puts her hands in her mouth thanks". Uggh. Way to try and call out my parenting Bia.

  2. Amen! People can be so pushy and rude! Especially sad about you wearing (or not wearing) your wedding ring! It's amazing that people would judge you so harshly just assuming you weren't married. I don't understand being mean to total strangers when you don't even know their story.

  3. I say "Damn them!" I hardly ever wear my wedding rings (my fingers swell in the Summer) so I wonder are folks looking at me and my lovely daughter E and think. "Oh sad, her Mom is not married." And if they do, I don't care. I know the truth and that is all that matters. Be true to thy self! You go girl! Kit