May 24, 2012

Running Stuff I Love

Every once in a while I ramble about stuff I'm loving, it's just a nice way to do a fluffy post.  This afternoon one of my female co-workers and I went on a run over our lunch and I got to thinking about the running item I've invested in and thus invested in my health.

Without further ado; Running Stuff I Love (in no particular order)

  1. New Balance Watch & Heart Rate Monitor!  The hubby got this for me last Christmas (upon my request) and I love it.  If you click the link it leads you to amazon where it's cheaper than we purchased at Target, still worth the investment.  You can track your heart rate, calories burned and it's helped me track my time. I thought the band would be uncomfortable but I don't even notice it.
  2. Nathan Sprint Handheld Bottle Carrier! Or as I call it; a water bottle.  You can't carry much in this but it has adjustable Velcro so it doesn't feel like you are carrying anything.  Worth every penny!
  3. Life is Good Hat! Mine is actually a different style and super old but I find a hat necessary.  This one sure is pretty and the brand is great quality.
  4. Danskin Running Capris.  To be honest I bought these out of necessity.  If you run enough cotton will wear out in areas it rubs, take a moment to think about that.  I wouldn't normally chose these pants because they showcase everything (every-little-thing) but they are light and comfortable.  Also they are half the price of this link at wally world.
  5. I Pod Shuffle.  Need I say more?  Mine is really old and sadly on it's last leg but I keep bringing 'er back to life.  We've logged so many miles together!
  6. Sports Bra.  More specifically a padded one, the boobies will never be the same after my pregnancy/nursing.  It's half vanity.
  7.  (no image above).  This helped me loose the extra baby weight, I'm now officially ~15  pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and I have been for months.  I'm super proud of myself for getting it off and keeping it off.  I'm pretty much in the best shape of my life.

What exercise items do you love?
Much Love,

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