May 5, 2012

Motion Sickness

I have never actually been motion sick however with the rate at which life is moving I'm starting to think I might!

I feel like every time I turn around another day/week/month has come and gone!  This week I had to travel out of town over night for the first time since Liam was born.  Ek!  Not only that I was gone TWO nights.  I know for some that might now be a big deal but for me it was.  I attended and presented at my regions annual meeting.  Thankfully it was so insanely busy the days flew by despite being 12-14+ hour days, by the time I got to my room each night I literally fell into the bed and asleep....seriously it was a struggle to undress myself and take off my make up! 

Back on the home-front, V was rocking it single-dad style.  I won't lie to you I was nervous.  Like most moms (working or not) I think of and take care of 95% of Liam's needs.  I did a lot of prep for V but the execution was all on him....and he did great!  Unfortunately Liam developed a cold while I was gone which meant he slept worse than usual (he typically wakes up once per night, while I was gone it was 3-4 times minimum).  I may sound like a bad wife here but I have to say a part of me really looked forward to this time away....not the part of being away from Liam but the part where V would gain a deep understanding of all I do every single day.  Boy did he ever! 

I don't want to give the impression that V isn't a good Dad because he is a very good one, however I do far more than him everyday.  Just by the sheer natural of our working hours and jobs I take Liam to daycare and pick him up, before V even gets home I have fed Liam and started our dinner (I don't always cook, I will admit that).  Essentially I spend an extra hour a day just taking Liam to and from daycare.  Once V is home he needs to shower, often Liam needs a know, all the normal things.  V typically puts Liam to bed and I read to him.  But I digress, V got a real hands on understanding of all I do and is very appreciative. :)

Hopefully I won't have to make too many over night trips in the near future, being away from my little guy was hard....I have so enjoyed all the extra snuggle time! :)  Next up are Liam's One Year Pictures, then his First Birthday......(he'll be 11 months next week!)...please time slow down!

Much Love,

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