May 31, 2012

Desiring Disconnection

I am no relationship expert.  Shocking? Nope.  I've been on my own since I was 16 years old, my "childhood"  was dysfunctional at best.  Sometimes managing relationships is exhausting to me.  Not all the time and not all relationships, my favorites are the one that just seem to work (like my bestie, E.)

I find the most challenging to be those of "family", specifically V's family.  I have no personal experience to compare them to and while I love them dearly they can be utterly exhausting.  Sometimes I just want to disconnect from it.  I just want a break, I don't want to have to work so hard to manage these relationships.  No I'm not going to throw my hands and walk off into the sunset with V and Liam (although sometimes I do daydream of it).  I just find it so challenging sometimes, I mean I have my mother-in-law on my facebook, cell phone, work and personal email.  There is no breathing room!  Oh yeah did I ever mention that V's family owns our home! (we rent from them) Essentially everyone has a key to our house, they are good about not just coming over (that wasn't always the case).  I just feel like they are a little too interlaced in every aspect of my being.  I need room people!

Am I just being hormonal, am I the only one that goes through this? Is it just me?  (someone say no!)

Much Love-

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  1. Hello! No it isn't just you. One of the best things to happen to S and I was to move away one day after we got married to Bozeman. We had to leave all his lifelong friends, both families and familiar surroundings. But... we became the best of friends, our own family, with our own traditions and holidays and if anything happened, we had to take care of it. No meddling from anyone else. It was fantastic! Even later when we moved back, we kept strict boundaries and the core family was the most important (the 4 of us)and no one was allowed to mess with it. Still is that way. Fight for your little family and your alone time, it is yours! There may be hard feelings but so be it. They will have to deal. I learned early on to set the rules and if they didn't want to play. Fine with me. Stay strong! You deserve to be happy. <3 Kit