May 10, 2012

1st Year Products We Loved Pt 1

This is part one because I know myself, I'll remember something I LOVE tomorrow! LOL!

I've been meaning to do one of these posts and with so many expectant moms out there right now I thought it would be fun.  In no specific order.......

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair The name about says it all!  I started using this at about 5 months when Liam was clearly interested in food, we never looked back.  These days Liam hardly takes a bottle so he and the Space Saver are very close.  The seat reclines if you wanted to give a small baby a bottle and not hold them (which is odd but each to their own), the tray comes off easy and the straps/cover come off easy to wash.  You would have no idea my kid has had so much pasta and noodles, ours still looks brand new!

Playtex Bottles & Liners;  I was only able to breast feed Liam  until 3 months, then he ate through my stash until he was just shy of 5 months.  I'm not the most green momma around but it saved my sanity to not wash bottles all the time.


 Dr Oz's "You Raising Your Child" by far my favorite parenting book, but I'm also a huge Dr Oz fan.  I read his "You having a Baby" while pregnant and really liked it as well.

3 Things for your Baby "Medicine Cabinet":
1. Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste...Liam loves having his teeth brushed, I think because we would brush his gums once and a while before he had teeth!
2. Gas Drops....You will need them and you will be thankful you have them, trust me!
3. Saline Drops....We've only needed these twice, Liam gets these yucky drippy nose issues when teething and without the drops he can't breathe well at night and does sleep.

Aveeno: Liam has a little sensitive skin, he really loves this lotion....I may like it a little too!
Baby Trend Jogging Stroller: By far my favorite FAVORITE item EVER!  Our Baby Trend Jogging Stroller!! My dearest friend's mom gave this to me at my baby shower, I was shocked!  Liam and I have put countless miles on it already!  By the end of this summer it may need new tires!!
Lastly our Temperature Turtle!  Being a first time mom I was always unsure about the water, no guessing with this guy!  He just recently passed on and I'm confident in my bath-running skills to not need a new one....he sure is cute though!

Any momma's (or momma's-to-be) care to share what you loved?

Much Love,

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