May 8, 2012

A Place in the Sunshine

Summer has finally arrived in my little corner of the world, and I couldn't be happier!  Technically speaking it's still Spring and it will undoubtedly still rain several times but that is a-okay!

I'm lucky enough to sit right by a big window that has a lovely view of a running/walking path (our office is somewhat in a residential area near downtown).  This path always has people on it, people walking babies or dogs (or both), people running and riding's so enjoyable!  Although I must admit it's done nothing for my motivation today! All I want is to pick up my baby and our jogging stroller and hit up that path!  We can't today but we will soon!
Something along these lines, thanks Google Images.

While I sit at my desk completing my tasks I keep glancing at that path, daydreaming of summer and the extra time I will be scheduling with Liam!  I can't wait to take half and full days off and walk to the parks with water features, nap on a lazy afternoon and play in the yard until we have glass-stained knees!

For now I'll have to settle for wishing away the rest of the day, perhaps bosslady will let me out of here early since I worked so much overtime last week, one can hope!

Much Love,

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