November 13, 2011

Happy Thoughts

I need to be distracted therefore a random collection of happy thoughts:

1. Liam is sooo close to rolling over back to front!  (He's been able to do tummy to back for what seems like forever.)  He currently will roll on his slide and sort-of hinge on his hip but at the last moment he flops on his back.  He finds this hilarious as does mom. :)  I can't believe he'll be 5 months old tomorrow!  Holy Moly!

2. I got up ultra early and went to the gym, when I weighed myself I had hit my goal weight of 148lbs, 3 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight, now to tone up.  (Also I managed to get 2 workouts in this weekend, incredibly difficult to do but I did and now I'm sore, the good kind of sore, yay!)

3. I am obsessed with becoming a runner, in fact my goal is to run a couple 5k's next summer and maybe even a half marathon.  I'm thinking about setting a walking/jogging/running mileage goal for 2012 (around a couple hundred miles, I think I can really do it).

4. I just ordered some boots from!  I really wanted brown but they were sold out so I got them in black (not sold in stores).  And....I sorta ordered a purse too.  I'm not sure I love the purse and if not I'll return it, guess I needed some retail therapy.

5.  I made this tonight, I added some turkey sausage and some zucchini (browned the sausage first and added it in before baking)  oh it was so yummy!  V even liked it, like really liked it.  I feel so accomplished when I make something we both really like.  I'm actually excited for leftovers tomorrow!  P.S. go check out Budget Bytes so has so many yummy recipes!!!

6.  I've been making coffee at home each morning (because I'm reliant on it at this point) which is more affordable and quicker but since I have to see Dr T tomorrow I'm treating myself to a latte...a single shot, carmel latte with whip cream....yeah I've been daydreaming about it all day!  Mmmmmm

7. Liam is amazing, so happy and sweet.  His little laughs make my world a brighter place.  He's such a funny little guy, I'm so very thankful for him.

Hey, that actually worked, yay!

And for your enjoyment a new Liam picture, we bought him this over the weekend, little peanut baby isn't big enough yet but he enjoys it (in small doses).

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