November 29, 2011

Dr Update 11.28.11

Bullet-Point Update :)
  • Coffee in hand off to get blood work done, the earlier I arrive the longer I
  • Lost another 3.5 lbs without meaning too....panic
  • Dr T (hematologist extraordinaire) comes in;
    • platelet numbers are lower again but still acceptable
    • stay off steroids
    • check yourself for lumps and bumps monthly (ITP is associated with lymphoma)
    • come back in two months (WHOA!)
    • not concerned about weight loss
    • asks if I want more children....yes Dr T I do (apparently he has four, whoa!)
I can hardly believe I get to go two whole months without blood work and visits to the oncology offices!  I'm not happy I lost more weight, I'm concerned about getting too low, I'm determined to fit in some lifting in the coming weeks to tone up and maintain my weight.  I'm now a full 7lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. 

Lastly I'm so impressed with the care I receive from the the staff in the oncology office I visit.  The receptionist knows me by name, she is always pleasant, the woman who sets up my next appointment is also always super makes my visits so much more pleasant.  Then there is Dr T, he's amazing.  I've seen doctors in the past who seemed to hardly know my name let alone be able to reference multiple appointments of data off the top of their heads.  He knows all my stats, he knows that I have Liam and that Liam is my first child.  He asks about my holidays, about Liam and how I'm feeling (beyond the physical), he doesn't do this to make small talk but because he seems to genuinely care....this makes all the difference in the world.  I feel cared for, genuinely cared for, safe in the care of Dr T.  It's so nice to have a doctor I trust and who makes me feel like a person and not a paycheck.  However I really look forward to the day when I don't have to see him so often, I pray that day is sooner rather than later.

Thank you to those of you praying for me and my little family, clearly it's working (I've always believed in the power of prayer). 

Much Love

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