November 15, 2011

Dr Update 11.14.11

Quick notes from my most recent Dr appt.
  • My platelet numbers are lower but still acceptable.
  • I'm no longer Anemic but my red blood cells are still far too small so I have to stay on Iron pills for at least a year.
  • I'm officially off my steroids.  Dr T warned me that I'll likely feel horrible transitioning to being completely off of them because my body is so used to having them now. (I'm allowed to take a 1/4 of a pill if I need to but I've already decided not to).
  • More blood work in two weeks to check levels and see how my body is handling life without steriods. 
  • Dr T says I'm doing "remarkably well" and that ITP is typically a "nasty disease".
    • Apparently it's not typical to step down on the steroids so quickly, usually it's months of going up and down in dosages before either being able to get off them or having to use an alternative treatment. (including but not limited to surgery to remove the spleen)
  • I've lost 2 lbs since my last appt which makes me officially 147.5lbs. {at goal weight}
  • We are still facing months (if not a year+) of monitoring before we know if this is chronic.

I'm not even sure how I feel, if I feel hopeful or not.  I was so nervous about yesterday's appt but now I'm almost more nervous about the next one.  I guess I'm not sure I'll ever not be nervous about them.

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  1. Those kinds of appointments are always spooky. It's ok to be nervous about them. Always holler at me if you need some distraction. :) It'll all be alright though. Glad to hear your numbers are stable. Keep thinking positive and praying! Love you!