November 18, 2011

Because I'm the Mom

No I'm not already saying that to Liam, unfortunately it looks like I'll have to say it to his aunt K early and often.  Aunt K is 25 but acts more along the lines of teenager to pre-teen (no joke).  She has never held a real job, hasn't continued her education and only lives away from her parent's home for a few months at a time before returning, she has no adult responsibilities what-so-ever.  Last weekend she moved back, again.

K is a nice enough girl but seriously immature.  She lacks drive and desire to act like an adult and in all honesty her parents don't seem to expect her to either.  I in no way think they should shun her or any business like that but I do think they need to stop enabling her (and her 27 year old brother who also lives in his parent's home and works sporadically at best).

As I mentioned K moved back on Saturday, she wanted to come over that day and see Liam...I said no.  Our weekends are A.) Busy but B.) Ours, and our time as a family is sacred (or should be).  And while I understand she wants to see Liam it doesn't have to be within hours of her arriving in town (I told her she was welcome over the next day and she never so much as texted us).   Today is Wednesday and she has texted and called me 11 times, yes Eleven.  Great...just what I wanted to deal with in the middle of my work day.  I finally had to tell her that no she could not pick Liam up from Nanna's and that no tomorrow would not be good either (V and I have agreed she will not be allowed to drive with Liam in her car, she isn't responsible enough) and really one day is not enough notice to give Nanna about not having Liam.  Watching Liam (and the two other children she has) is her business and while it's run out of her home I still do my best to treat it all professionally, K does not understand, nay K does not care.  I'm certain she has called no fewer than four people to complain.  It's not like I'm blocking her from seeing Liam all together, she will see Liam on Friday when her mom watches him and I told her Monday would be fine.  What she doesn't yet get is that she can watch Liam but on our terms and our terms only.

I have a feeling it's going to be exhausting having K back in the same town as us, at least for a while.  And if I have to pull out the "because I'm his Mom thats why" I will.  Thankfully V is on the same page as me (he tends to give into her a lot because she is the only girl and the baby of the family, so annoying).  I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a pushy b-och and ya know what that is fine, I expect a lot of her and make her play by life's rules, someone has to teach her these lessons and I suppose it's going to be me.

I'm gonna need this shirt.

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  1. You go girl! I'm glad you're firm and putting your foot down. Your baby's safety and your family priorities come first! I'm proud of you. Unfortunate that you have to deal with this at all, but hopefully she'll get the picture and won't be so annoying/pushy. Love you!