August 2, 2010

A post (whine) about Charting

So I've been charting for about 30 some-odd days and for the most part I like it, I have said before it gives me something to do which in turn has helped me to feel less helpless on this journey. But the over last few days my chart just been annoying. In the passed four days or so Fertility Friend has given me back my cross hairs (remember those pin point ovulation on my chart) and taken them away for the second time, I wonder if they will be back tomorrow. Who knows. I'm all sorts of confused. I'm not terribly worried about it unless this cycle heads towards the 60 day range (with no + pregnancy test). We shall see, I've placed this whole thing once again in the hands of my loving savior, he alone has true contol of over this, I am merely whining. What's new right?

While I'm here, here's a picture from the hike V and I went on with a friend this weekend, it was lovely and rather easy, too bad it started to rain, er pour, on us as we left. Oh well, we are none worse for the wear. And we even took our dogger, she LOVED every minute of it! I'm pretty blessed to have V and the dogger.

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  1. Sorry your Fertility Not-So-Friend is being confusing. Remember to lay this at God's feet and all will work itself out in due time. You are being very strong these days, and I am so proud of you. It's hard when you don't have control over the things you want most!