August 12, 2010

I have no words to discribe this joy...

...but I'll try anyway. Today was a good, nay, great day! For no extraordinary reason I am so happy, so very happy, overcome with joy and happiness! My new job is great, my new co-workers are amazing and most of all I have so much less stress I can physically feel the weight off my shoulders, heart and whole body! Yes, this is the moment when I acknowledge that every single penny of my pay cut was absolutely worth it. I am so happy, this was clearly the right choice!
I feel like I've walked around with that goofy smile you have when you've first fallen in love, like you are smitten for the first time! But it's like all aspects are so great, I'm smitten with my own life. Yeah V. and I fight, I'm actually annoyed he's watching tv too loud right now (we are in the same room and I can hear it over my earphones) but I feel so overcome with so much joy that I don't actually care.
This repreve in my soul is amazing and a welcome blessing, especially since I learned yet another friend is pregant, a friend with a >9mo old whose husband works a single dead-end job that can't support them as is, the same friend who despite not wanting anymore children didn't go back on birth control because her controlling husband said "no". Sigh, it's not fair but it is what it is and it will not steal my joy. I will praise and worship and be glad no matter where I am, on the mountain or in the valley of my own emotions. Thanks Lord for this day and all of it's blessings.

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