July 8, 2010

Yoga and comments about it (from others)

So recently I decided to try yoga, luckily a friend wanted to try it with me. I love B, she is so very sweet, the kind of girl that makes you feel lucky to know her. She is also married to my friend and pastor. Yesterday was our first class and it was wonderful! Our teacher is very informative and I can feel the physical effects of the new work out today.

I was so excited to post on my facebook "Jen tried yoga for the first time last night, I really love and an look forward to the next six weeks of class!" (or something pretty close to that). It was only a matter of minutes before I got comments and not the good kind. Allow me to back up a moment.

I am a person of deep faith, I believe in this fella named Jesus and like I've said before I'd love to tell you more but don't believe in forcing my beliefs on anyone. Those people who do force their beliefs on others (think those people with signs at large intersections) almost always fail to show the real faith I believe in. I believe in a loving God that saved me from the pits of hell known as my childhood and loved me so much he willing chose to die for me and forgave my sins. With that said I am still a person, I still like movies with swear words, heck I swear (too much). The point of my faith is that we are sinful messes and we are saved by grace, it is despit our sins that my God loves us and chose us. ::steps off soapbox::

So when I got a comment "you know all yoga poses are acts of worship to other 'gods'." on my facebook I was well PISSED. Not all yoga is religion based and regardless I am mentally strong enough to choose to make my being there a act of worship to MY God. I greatly dislike when people are SO closed minded, now I don't think you should be so open-minded your brains fall out but COME ON! I personally was called to "be a light in an unusual place" in all seriousness I remember considering the missions field and traveling to foreign lands for my Lord and he said "nope, you need to be a light in an unusual place and that is where ever you are right now". So I will choose to live my by faith at work, while I walk my dog, at yoga class, when I'm home alone or with my hubby, when I'm hiking in the woods and as much as possible while I sleep (and at church whoops almost forgot that! LOL). I will choose to do this and fail time and time again and STILL be loved and saved by my God. He will not refuse me because I took a yoga class!!! Grr!

I need to mention before I go that I decided to take yoga to reduce my work-related stress and I feel like my first class helped with that! I walked out of there feeling like I got a good workout and feeling very calm and like for once I had gotten some me time I didn't feel guilty about. So I think it's working, and no matter some one's close-minded comments, I will continue to go.

This is roughly how I looked and felt at the end of the class (in a beginners pose)

Sorry I'm not so certain that was a blog post as much as a rant. Now I feel like I need another yoga class to chill out from those dumb comments.

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