July 6, 2010

Where my (blog) name comes from...

I love these little figurines, Vic bought the two on the right for me for Christmas just after we "stopped preventing" pregnancy, I love that the child's balloon says "hope", I find it so fitting. I found the saying at a local craft shop some time ago and fell in love with it because after all that is what marriage is; For Ever and Always No Matter what. And lastly that is (obviously) a pic of our hands, it was taken about 6 months after we were married by a talented friend of ours as a belated wedding gift.

So where does your blog name come from?


  1. I love the sign! It's so cute and so fitting.

    My blog name comes from a phrase that everyone uses to describe our tiny town. When we moved here, everyone started telling us that the town is "a great place to raise a family." Over and over and over again - way before we were considering having kids. Now, we're trying to have a baby to see whether that phrase is really true!

  2. I love the name of your blog! One of the other sayings that I adore that is featured on a sign is this one: Just because two people fell in love. Sums up my whole married life. :)

  3. I love the name of your blog!

    Mine is DramaticElegance. It came from something my best friend said to me. She and I were talking and I asked for two words that described me. Without missing a beat, she said "oh! Dramatic and elegance!"