July 6, 2010

Hiking and Deep Thoughts (with pics)

V. and I went hiking on Monday with dad-in-law,since we had the day off and I wanted to share a story and thought with you.

Dad-in-law picked us just before 7am and we headed off into the great outdoors, luckily we live in a part of the country where we don't have to drive all that far to get there! After 30 quick miles on the highway and 28 long slow miles on winding old logging roads that remain unpaved, we arrived.

It was a cool and cloudy day, the high likely only got to maybe 60 degrees with the elevation. First we hiked to an old mine site V loves to explore, also dad-in-law had never been there, it was fun to watch him explore. It's just a old fluorite mine that has been closed longer than V and I have been alive...combined, but it's neat to look at all the sparkle of the remains. Also V thinks he'll find a big crystal one day, good luck honey!

One of the old mine entrances:
We hiked back out a little ways back to where the trail forked so that we could hike to a couple lakes where the guys could fish. I have little interest in fishing, V doesn't want to bait my hooks or get the fish off for me, since we are catch-and-release peeps I fear I will do more harm than good to the fish when trying to "release" them. Thus I take along books and enjoy the great out doors. Anyway it was another 3 rocky miles to the lakes so onward we went. We all had bundled up so the hike was comfortable, thankfully last summer V conceived me to buy a camel-back (a backpack with a bag and long straw you can drink out of, mine holds less than a gallon of water). That little item is a life saver!

After about an hour we arrived at the entry point to the lake, unfortunately it was still steep hike down on washed out trails. Luckily V and I had been here the summer before so I felt comfortable. Finally we arrived at the lakes edge, how pretty! V started me a little fire so I could warm up and he and dad-in-law headed off to fish. I sat happily and ate the snacks I had packed in but soon my little fire was more work than it was worth so I put it out and headed over to the lakes edge with the guys.

Dad-in-law fishing:
I found a large flat rock upon which I was able to sit comfortably and read. I'd read a bit and enjoy the view, watch the guys and talk with dad-in-law, V fished from a area I wasn't comfortable sitting and reading (not enough room) so every now and then I'd hike over and take pictures of his fish and the mountains. The sun would come out of hiding briefly and warm us and return to hiding. I hiked around a small portion of the lake and took pictures of the wildflowers and pictures of the guys, it was a lovely afternoon.
My favorites wild flower (Indian Paint Brush):
Near where V was fishing (can you see all the little purple wild flowers?):
After several hours the guys decided we had tempted the rain clouds enough and it was time to head out, the hike back would take us about an hour and half, other than getting out of the steep lake area the hike back would be fairly easy.

My favorite part of the hike out is a very rocky area, the trail is a ledge along the edge of the mountain with no trees blocking your view of the valleys, it was lush and green and I felt as though I could see forever! I found myself struggling with my asthma at one point on the hike out, towards the end in a steep area. Throughout the whole hike V was in front of me and dad-in-law behind, during the hardest time I found myself staring at V's shoes saying "just one more step Jen" over and over. Then after my struggle was over and we were on a flat part I was still doing that, staring at the back of his shoes! I had to remind myself to look up at the beauty of God's creation all around me. And I wondered to myself if we all too often do this in life. During the hard times we do what we can to cope with a struggle but then the struggle is over and it's time to lift our heads and carry on, experiencing God's beauty but we still have our heads down, focused on just taking the next step, not thinking. Something to ponder. I feel like this is how I should be approaching our TTC journey right now! Stop, look up and experience the Glory of God right where you are because this is exactly where he wants you right now. Whew!

As you can imagine my thoughts preoccupied me and before I knew it we were back at the truck and headed home. There are few things better than a hot shower at home after such a long hike!

A pic of V on our hike out (sorry so blurry):
Until Next Time!
A pic of the rainbow that welcomed us back into city limits:

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