July 13, 2010

Back to Blogging about Babies and the Making Of..

I realized tonight I haven't blogged about the whole "trying to make a baby" thing in a while. That is because I'm in a new place, provera gave me a period and now we are hoping I'll ovulate on my own and either get pregnant or have a cycle on my own. Tick Tock Tick Tock

It hasn't been bad though, since using provera I feel good! I feel like I did something, this journey is difficult because there is little within your control, but I feel I'm handling it well, as is v which is important to us. I realize people are going to make comments and mean well but I will get hurt, I'm working on remembering I am in control of my reactions and my attitude. The only thing I have a really hard time with is the women who complain day and night about getting/being pregnant, I vow here and now to you to never be that woman no matter how sore/tired/bloated etc etc etc I am, when I do get pregnant I vow to be the happiest pregnant woman to have ever lived!

On another loosely related topic, it looks like I may have a new job here pretty soon. I was (secretly) terrified to take another job because I didn't want to loose our insurance coverage and have to stop trying to get pregnant and/or go back on birth control for an unknown period of time. Praise God that the position I believe I will get starts insurance benefits after just 30 days of employment!!! It feels a little crazy to even consider taking a new job and trying to get pregnant at the same time but it's what is right for us, and after I take maternity leave I will certainly return to work.

So that is where we are at, just waiting to ovulate. I've started temping in hopes that will help us see what is going on.

I know several of you are on your own baby making journey, how is that going for you?

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  1. I really like your idea of: you can't control the situation (body etc) but you CAN control your reactions to people and how you perceive it all. I need to remember that too. There's a lot of things in my life I have no control over, but it's important to remember what I can work with and what is in my power to change. :) You seem more relaxed lately, and I think that's really good for you and your journey of conceiving. :) I'm very proud of the steps you've taken so far.