July 26, 2010

Leap of Faith and Praying

Well....I have decided to take a leap of faith, I am accepting the other job with lower pay and less stress. I ran the numbers again last week and the new job will have much better and much more affordable health benefits not to mention less stress (this after being screamed at by a coworker last week over nothing) so V and I talked and prayed and decided my emotional well being was worth the small temporary (hopefully) pay cut! *gulp*

And in other news, I think I may have ovulated this month. I won't be testing until I am certain I am late (however I decide to determine that) and so far I am planning to share with you exactly what I know when I know it. I'll keep you posted peeps. In the mean time could you pray for V and I, this is quiet the growing time for us, I've only had this one job throughout our entire marriage and we are so hoping that this is the cycle we get pregnant. And in God's hand, will and timing. Thank you in advance.

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