January 9, 2012

Playing Stay-at-Home Momma

This morning I arrived at Nanna's and...yikes!  Nanna (who is only ~50ish) had fallen yesterday and looks to have broken a couple toes...she can barely walk.  She had texted me twice last night but I hadn't turned on my phone yet.  Oh no!  I felt so awful, I stood there dumb-founded as I tried to mentally re-arrange my day.  She was so sweet telling me she could still do a half day when she clearly could not.  I ran outside to get my phone out of the car, turn it on, and call my boss.  My boss is crazy unpredictable on a good day so I was pretty worried how this would go but since I had paid-time-off stored up I knew she couldn't freak out too bad.  Gulp.  Thankfully she was relatively sane this morning but she made sure to point out they (Urgent Care) can't do anything for broken toes, well duh but it's not my place to tell Nanna she can't go or that she can't have a day off you a$$.

I scurried back inside super excited for another day with Liam and actually really thankful we had come all the way out to Nanna's, it got our day off and running so we didn't just stay in jammies all day!  I left some supplies with Nanna for next week (Auntie K is going to watch Liam the rest of the week) and bundled Liam back up to head out into the cold.  By 9:00am we've already run several errands, including buying some swimming diapers!  I've wanted to take him swimming forever, now we have the only missing piece so we'll go later today!

Liam is already down for his morning nap, later we've arranged for lunch with a friend then we'll go swimming!  I'm super excited for all this extra time, it's so rare and more valuable than I can express!  God often hands us these special blessings when we least expect them, I'm going to cherish today....but first I think I'll nap! :)

Much Love

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  1. Sounds like a good day! I hope her toes heal soon!