January 11, 2012

More Confidence, Less Give-a-Damn

Good Morning Peeps!

This morning I was dressing for work, I threw on a plum colored/v-neck dress [that I've had forever] with long black leggings and pulled my hair back into a pony with my bangs twisted to the side.  Sounds pretty ordinary right?  But for me it's not.  During my pregnancy I lived in dresses and leggings because I was always so warm and didn't love the way maternity pants rubbed on my belly, dresses and leggings provided me the comfort every pregnant woman needs.  Pre-pregnancy I didn't think I looked "right" in most dresses or leggings let alone combining the two.

Now I'm about 7lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight, and managing to get about two workouts in a week and I feel better about my body than I have in....a very long time.  Pre-pregnancy I was a bit self-conscious about wearing certain outfits, for no good reason, even though I was a healthy weight I just didn't feel rigth in some outfits.  Now something in my mind has clicked and I just don't care as much, I have much less give-a-damn ...all that matters is that I'm comfortable and I feel cute. 

My body is much different than it used to be, the boobs will never be the same and I still have some remaining loose tummy skin.  I don't love my naked body but I'm proud of it, it brought me the most amazing little boy on the face of the earth.  Now that same body, fab and all, carries him around, plays with him, rocks him to sleep and comforts him...this body is great incredible and I will be am much kinder and accepting of her.  This is a good [emotional] place, I like it here and I like my cute outfit!

I've got a lot to be proud of and much more importantly I want to teach Liam what a confident woman is like.

Much Love,

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