January 11, 2012

Search Words

I'm that nerdy blogger who wonders who is reading me (if anyone) and how they found me.  I randomly check my stats and rarely find anything out of the ordinary until this afternoon.  Today when I reviewed the search words that lead to my blog I was humbled.  Two of the most common words searched that lead to my blog are:

I've seen Miracles Just Happen

I don't know what kind of miracles these people are looking for or if they are simply looking for a glimmer of hope.  I recall many-a-time when I was so desperate for some hope in our trying-to-conceive journey, I read so many blogs, several I still follow.  Is this the miracle these people are seeking, I don't know but whatever kind of hope they are looking for I pray from the depths of my soul that they find even the smallest amount here.  Liam is a miracle baby, my journey through the whole autoimmune disease thing feels like a miracle to me.

I believe in miracles, I believe they happen everyday and all around us if we are willing to see them.


  1. That's kinda funny! (And cool!) The main search words that lead to my blog are the name of it (Project Open Hearts) and my name and then after that... it's... get this... Veggie Tray. Lol!! Seriously, google a veggie tray and click on the first picture listed, it's probably the picture I have on my blog. :P

  2. Very cool!! I believe in miracles too--with my whole heart. I've seen 'em. :)