January 20, 2012


There was a few nights there where V and I did bed-share with Liam, especially in those very early months.  It was out of desperation for sleep, thankfully those nights are long (LONG) in the past us.  We are blessed by a 7 month old baby who not only sleeps in his own crib but also sleeps through the night.  I'm not bragging, Liam did it all himself...one night he just decided to sleep for ~10 hours, after a few nights he was sleeping 11.5-12 hours most nights (if he does wake he falls right back asleep with his bink).  For us having a predictable evening routine works (5pm dinner, 5:30-6 play, 6:45 bath, only two nights/week or as needed, 7pm jammies, bottle, story, bed.)

The point is, I saw this online today and it's so damn funny, because it's true.  I almost peed myself laughing. 

Happy Friday Peeps.

Much Love,

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