January 13, 2012

11...make that 12!

My boss at my old job used to call me the "Fertility Fairy" because I had so many pregnant friends.  At one point I think I had around 20 (in one calendar year)...all the while V. and I were having trouble trying to get pregnant...It wasn't the most fun time in my life but eventually my turn came around and it's been an amazing ride! 

This morning I was writing all my friends' due dates in my day planner, because I'm a nerd like that, and I realized Gosh, there are tons of these!  Um yeah, I have 11....ELEVEN pregnant friends!  I'm so happy for each of them, several of them struggled to get (and stay) pregnant.  2012 will bring 11 babies into this world, God willing, by the end of summer....I can't wait to see all these people start this journey!

Happy Friday!

***After I posted this I learned a blog-world friend, Rachel, is finally expecting her first!  Run over to Dramtic Elegance to congradulate her!  While your at it hit up Charity at Way Out West AND Casey at This Modern Love!  I'm so excited for each of my TWELVE pregnant friends! :)


  1. we just got our positive test yesterday!!

    so make that 12! <3

  2. You ARE the fertility fairy! I love you girl!