January 19, 2012

Knee Deep in Snow (or Deeper)

Oh my gosh!  In my neck of the woods, also known as Montana, we've been having a very mild winter...not gonna lie I was diggin' it...until yesterday.  It started snowing somewhere around 48 hours ago, and while it's much lighter than it was, it has yet to stop....we've got over two feet in the valley, yikes!  The plows have been working through the day and night but it's difficult to keep up....Yesterday I got stuck going to pick up Liam at Nanna's and it took an hour round trip (normally >15 minutes).  This morning I pulled out of our garage and made it a grand total of....nine feet...before getting stuck in the middle of my street.  I had to go over and ask our neighbor to help me....oh yeah I'd never met him before (he works weird hours, it was only by the grace of God he was home)...oh yeah I was really spent emotionally, for other reasons, and burst into tears....awesome.  He was so kind and helped me get the car back into the garage, V had taken Liam in the truck out to MIL's house, I called my boss (cried to her too) then called V and cried some more.  I swear I'm not emotionally unstable just a bit stressed out and this whole thing sorta tiped me over the edge.  V had to come back into town and take me to work.

The day raced by at work, even through I forgot lunch, thankfully I had plenty of coffee....ek!  My boss spent three hours of her day digging her two teenagers out of the snow, late in the afternoon she came in and gave me my annual review.  Last year's review was horrible, I had only been there ~4 months, was 3 months pregnant and hadn't learned my job well yet....it was the worst review I'd ever had.  Personally I don't think you should give someone an annual review after so little time but I guess my opinon doesn't matter much.  This year's review went much smoother, and thank God!  I'm hoping I'll get another good raise because of it.  Thankfully my FIL had left MIL with his big 'ol truck, she and Liam came to get me, we made a quick trip to the grocery store since the weather was supposed to continue in the holding pattern.  Oh joy, I had forgotten my wallet somewhere, where I had no idea...my sweet MIL just covered my groceries for me...thank God for her (again!).  It really does take a village.

Now we've all been home safe and sound for several hours and I'm feeling much less stressed, mostly because the plows finally made it around to our area so there is hope for tomorrow!  I found my wallet, Liam is fast asleep and all is well with the world again.  If you made it this far you deserve a cookie!  I just really needed to get all that business out.  Soon enough I'll be off to bed and honestly I can't wait!

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