May 3, 2010

In Non-Baby Making News

So V. and I live in a decent size town, large enough to have plenty of comforts, one of which is a good sized health food store. I must admit it has intimidated me for the 6 years I've lived here. I had wondered in once or twice before but never came out with more than a chap stick and a small juice.

That was about to change, recently V. and I watched Food Inc. (if you haven't watched it you should!). V. is not a healthy eater and in the course of watching Food Inc that changed (at least a little). With no prodding or hinting he turned to me and said "we need to change somethings about how we eat, we should at least stop getting our milk and meat at the big blue box store [name purposely omitted]." I was more than happy to make a change. I'm all about eating healthier!

Flash forward about 2 weeks and we need some groceries! V. and I venture to the health food store, which was celebrating it's anniversary so it was crazy busy, whoops! V. and I found a parking spot and ventured in! Much to my delight we found that a great deal of the items we already purchase are very similar in cost to the big blue box store!! YAY!!! We got organic pears (a staple of V.'s diet, hey at least it's green!), organic bananas, a whole organic pineapple, some granola (that I am in love with), milk and trail mix. I know, I know we totally needed more than that but this was our first journey in and it was so busy we just got a few things and browsed others. The meat was more expensive but I'm ok with it, we still have a ton of game meat at home we can eat before we purchase more meat.

I am so excited on so many levels and a bit disappointed in myself that it took me so long to discover that eating healthier is easier than I thought. I genuinely expected it to be so much more expensive. I'm sure I'll end up still getting a few things at the big blue box store but I will more carefully choose them and read the labels more carefully!

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