May 7, 2010

I will NOT test

In order to keep my sanity and my promise to myself to take this whole thing one day at a time I have made a decision not to test. I will not take a pregnancy test until I have to (requested by dr.) period. I will allow my mind run ramped with "maybe's" and "hopefully's" but I will not test and force myself on a roller coaster of emotions, specifically worry and fear. I am praying that either I get (or am) pregnant or my period shows in the next 18 days and leaving it at the feet of God. This is all his and I will do my best to not interfere in anyway. I'm actively working to reduce my stress and be as in the moment as I can.

I wish no one ever had to "try" to get pregnant but I guess we all have different journeys. Mine will be one day and sometimes one breath at a time.


  1. Hello! Been following your plight, and I feel for you. It is so hard when you want something so bad. We have a saying around our house (just ask E)that I have used thru the years. "If it's meant to be." And another one, "There's a reason for everything." You have to let go, and just relax and let what happens happens. It is the only way not to go crazy. Hang in there and I will send a couple of prayers your way. :)

  2. Thank you Kit, that means a lot to me! You've raised an amazing girl in E, I'm lucky to have her as my bestie! <3