April 21, 2010

Our Trip to South Padre Island, TX

I've been dying to blog about this, unfortunately life is SUPER busy after being gone. So here i am finally blogging about our adventure. I must first say that I feel really blessed to have received this trip, the top sales performers in my company earn their way and then they all vote on the person that helps them out the most and I won. I work darn hard at my job, it's not glamorous, sometimes it's not fun, I don't always agree with the company and what it does or does not do but I come here everyday and do my best and it finally paid off!

It started with waking up at 3:40am to prepare for the first of 3 flights and 2 connections to the bottom of the country! My mother-in-law picked us up and brother-in-law watched our dog. It was so nice to know she would be well taken care of while we were gone! Thanks BRO! After 13 hours of travel we landed in Harlingen Airport and took an hour drive to the Sheraton on the island.
The first night we were there we had a fancy private dinner with everyone, it was so neat to meet everyone, they are all so friendly. While I work with some people (that won) from TX & OK a little I have never seen most of their faces. It was sweet, two or so of them actually said "I've really wanted to meet you!"

The next day we did a half day of bay fishing on a private charter boat despite the rain everyone (except me) fished, we caught 40 total! We had the rest of the afternoon to explore by ourselves, V. and I showered and headed out. We had dinner at a local place (nothing special) and picked up shirts for his mom and brother for doing us favors.

The next day was fancy lunch at the resort and a land and sea tour-we road this crazy truck/boat thing that could go right off the land into the water! We stopped to do some sea shell hunting, then returned to jet ski. Since I had never been on one I let V. drive, it was SO fun!! I giggled like a child the whole time, but the water was SO salty it hurt. We even got just a little sun! Half way through the guide had us stop and hang out and dolphins where there! Two came within 3 feet of V. and I, it was one of the neatest moments of my life! Oh how I wish we had a water proof camera! We returned to para sail! Which I totally loved!! V, was too afraid, as were several people, but I wanted to make sure I did everything and left there with no regrets!

That night we had another fancy dinner, this time with the execs. I forgot it was the "good bye" dinner with them and dressed a little too casually, whoops! It was another girl's birthday, they brought out a fancy cake and sang, it was sweet. Part of me was jealous because my bday was just days away but I let her have the lime light.

The third day V. and I got up early and explored the island, we went to a sea turtle refuge (I LOVE sea turtles and have since I interned at Disney) and did some more shopping. Then that afternoon we had our private snorkeling and tanning boat tour. I really enjoyed snorkeling and even saw some big fish...well big to me, like 24 inches. Most of them where grey with light blue stripes. I did end up a little sun burnt despite my best efforts but it was worth it! That night we had our last fancy dinner and a few of us went go-carting and walked around after, it was SO fun!!

Then the next morning we all went to the air port super early. It was bitter-sweet to say good-bye to everyone, they were all so sweet! 3 more flights, 2 more layovers and 14 hours later we where home and our little dogger was SO happy to see us! (I was able to read two books just on our travel time there and back!)

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