December 8, 2011

Summer Daydreams

I knew it would happen eventually, I'm already daydreaming of summer. 

I'm just not a cold weather girl, I don't enjoy any winter sports or being out in the cold for any length of time.  It's just not me, I much prefer spring, summer and fall.  I have grown more fond of the joys of winter now that we have Liam, seeing all these things with him for the first time is special beyond words. 

However I'm still me and daydreaming about warm spring and summer days (even cool fall nights).  I'm just not comfortable taking Liam on walks outside in this weather, no matter how bundled up I make him it's still only 20-30 degrees out there.  I long to go on walks, play in the yard (he'll be toddling up a storm by the time it gets warm here again, crazy!).  I'm ready for longer days and more [sun] light.  I'm not wishing time away, I don't do that any more but I do long for warmer weather and the adventures it brings.

Until then I lift my cup of coco and toast you and your families, I hope you are enjoying this season, both of weather and holidays!


  1. You make me smile. You do love your warm weather. I think Steve is that way too. I just love the cold weather. It clicks something in me that says; nest, hunker down, read, sip hot drinks and relax. I just love it and when we get new snow, I am ecstatic! LOL Hang in there, before you know it we will be rounding the year. Kit