December 9, 2011

My Fitness Blog

Hi Peeps,

Today is a proud exciting day for me, I have finally accomplished something I've wanted a long time....I am now officially a Certified Personal Trainer!!!  You've heard me talk about my love of all things health and fitness for awhile so I introduce to you my health and fitness blog: Wildflower Fitness.  I will not try to sell you anything, ever! This is my promise to you, I want to encourage you and be along side you on your health and fitness journey and if that means at some point you do pay me them wonderful, if not then hopefully the good karma will come back around to me one day.  I'd greatly appreciate it if you would hope on over and follow me there.

If you are my 'real life' or 'facebook' friend I will not be publicly discussing this until after the new year when I have my business license and liability insurance up and running, I need those things to function so until them mum is the word (plus I need to remove a few co-workers from fb since my boss won't be supportive).

Thank you for your continued support,

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