December 3, 2011

Adevntures in "Solids"

For the last two weeks Liam has been on "solids" or mush as I like to call it! LOL!  First we did a week of rice cereal which he immediately loved!  Right away he knew exactly what that spoon meant, I offered it to him empty to see what would happen and he chomped down and was perplexed as to why it was empty, clearly he was ready!  After that we did squash which he didn't mind, I had to purchase this pre-made, it's a long story but I bought organic and I'm ok with it.  I planned all along to make his food so today we moved on to carrots from G'ma and G'pa's garden!
A few hours after we all had been up V decided to take Liam out to the in-laws to watch a college football game.  Since I have negative interest in football I stayed behind to accomplish a laundry list of things that needed to be checked off, among them was making Liam's food!  I already had a food processor and the necessary pan and attachment to steam the organic veggies I had on hand.  I'm really surprised how easy it was!  Depending on the amount of veggies I had I steamed them for between 10-15 minutes (until very soft) then transferred them to the food processor, I added about 1/4 cup of the water from steaming them and let the food processor do it's work.  Finally I transferred the mush to ice cube trays and stuck them in the freezer where they stayed all day.

It wasn't long before my to-do list was completed and my little family unit was all back in our home and Liam was ready for his evening dose of mush!  We put him in his highchair, bib and all and offered him his first bite...he's so cute, his little mouth was wide open to accept his mush.....and.....dislike!  He really doesn't like carrots!  He made the funniest faces and sip almost all of it out (even using his bib to rub his face)!  Yes I did keep offering it to him as I will for the next 3 night at least (it's recommended that you stick with each food for at least 3 days in case of allergic reaction so you know what your child is reacting to).  I won't force him to eat them but it's important to expose him to a variety of things, we'll see what faces tomorrow brings!

After Liam was in bed I took out the ice cube trays and transferred to freezer safe bags by veggie type for use over the next few weeks.  I can't wait to see what Liam thinks of peas and sweet potatoes!

Anyone else out there having similar adventures?

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