February 15, 2013

Bloodwork Results {Good News}

On Monday I took a much needed (and deserved) day off to spend with Liam.  I intentionally didn't make plans with friends, I just wanted some Liam time and it was wonderful!  He slept in so I got an extra hour and half of sleep which was amazing (fellow Mommas, can I get an amen?).  Before he rose I popped out of bed and made us some scrambled eggs and cut up fresh fruit.  V got Liam up just before he had to head to work.

Liam and I spent the morning just playing and reading, it was glorious!  However, after a weekend spent mostly at home I could tell he wanted to get out of the house. How did I know this you ask, because he wouldn't stop bringing me his coat and shoes!  Little stinker!  I got the hint, I popped him in his crib with a few toys while I took a very short shower and threw my wet hair in a ponytail.  I dressed both of us and off we went!  Our mall has a play area for smaller kids (under 5-6) which on the weekends is so over run with older (and unruly) children Liam never wants to go near it.  I knew on a quiet Monday morning it would be heaven, with coffee in hand it was confirmed!  I should have brought the camera (because I'm too cheap to pay for data I don't own a "smart" phone), the pictures would have been awesome but enjoying the time was amazing!  Liam ran around with another little boy his age, up the stairs and down the little slide a million times!  We stayed there until Liam was super tired then it was home for lunch and nap!

V's mom gets off really early on Mondays, she came over after work so I could run off for a bloodwork appointment.  I was not excited, I thought up every excuse in the book to not good and secretly hoped MIL would cancel.  She did not.  I arrived at the lab and after checking in was greeted by a familiar nurse.  Who am I kidding they are all familiar at this point! LOL!  The whole process was simple and quick but I was nervous enough that I was sweating like mad...gross and annoying but thankfully I don't think it was obvious. I asked her if my dr would have the results today, she replied Oh yeah but you know doctor's you won't hear from them until tomorrow or Weds.  I smiled and said Okay but she recalled my story from previous visits and offered to call me with my platelet number later.  Let me just say right here I know that technically she should not have done this and it's not in her job to deliver what could have been very bad results BUT she offered so I gladly accepted. 

Three hours later I was home just cleaning up after dinner assuming the nurse had either forgotten or my results weren't good and she decided against it when my phone rang.  Hi, Jen? This is Nurse X.  Your numbers are low but really good for you, your at 126k!  Congrats!  I thanked her about 11 times before letting her go, with teary eyes I told V. Hugs all around!

A little recap: (Normal: 150k+)
Diagnosis: Sept 2011: 10k
Sept/Oct 2011: Treated with Predniose, I responded well but after coming off my #s steadily went down
April 2012: 90k (per my hematologist < 80k=dangerous/treatment needed)
Remission: Aug 2012: 300k
No Remission for Me: Nov 2012: 115k
This month: Feb 2013: 126k

So it appears that I do indeed have a chronic case of ITP which I will have to monitor for the rest of my life, the good news is that my body is currently holding it's on.  I'm in a place where my internal medicine dr is fine monitoring me and I can proceed with confidence in my Half Marathon training!  God is so good and faithful when we give things up to him, he has provided for me and I couldn't be more thankful.!

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