February 8, 2013

Happy Things

If you've read my blog for a while you know that every so often I write a random little note about things that make me happy, it's silly and just all around fun for me.  Read if you'd like, and copy if you so feel inclined...I'd love to see what everyone else finds simple pleasure in.

In no specific order:

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Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter:

Liam was eating this over the weekend and I decided to steal a bite; oh my gosh, YUM!  Lately we've been sharing this snack, lol!


Yep that's the shoe but in Mustard Yellow!

A Bargain:

I went wondering the mall with a co-worker last week over lunch and found adorable heels 75% the sale price.  Super cute (and comfy) heels for $6.25?! Yes please!

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Liam's Personality:

It's been shining through more each day, he's in a really sweet phase where he'll randomly hug me 100 times a day, I happily take each hug!  Also he'll press his face to my cheek if I ask for a kiss....I also do this 100 times a day.  Lastly over the weekend he started saying "rawr" if we ask him if he's a dinosaur.  Cutest. Thing. EVER!

Coconut Coffee Creamer:

I've always been a full fat creamer kind of girl, even when counting my calories.  Two tablespoons of my Coconut flavored creamer is more than enough to sweeten up my two cups of morning Joe and thetotal ~100 calories are well worth it to me!


I've always loved music, when I was single or in the pre-Liam days I'd start first thing in the morning I'd turn it on and UP!  Our current home (rental) makes a sardine can look roomy so I don't get to listen to music as often as I would like (24/7) without disrupting Liam's sleep (big no-no to this Momma).  Thankfully Liam loves music like his Momma so we "sing" in the car going to and from daycare each morning and before Dadda gets home we put the music channel on our TV and dance.  (Dadda loves tv so when he's home it's on his nonsense shows.)  It warms my heat when Liam wants to dance with me! 

My home, be jealous ;)

She is a comin'!  The last two Sundays I've been able to get out and run in the great outdoors!  I leave out our front door, run down to the trail along the river and back and get a good 5 miles in within 1 hour (while Liam is napping, double score for this Momma!).  40* plus tunes cranked way up in one earphone and getting my run on equals one very happy lady!

Last but not least a good quote:

Much Love,

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