August 8, 2012

Summer Reading

My sweet hubby bought me a Kindle Fire for our 4th Anniversary/My Birthday/Mother's Day.  Can I just say I am obsessed with it!  I really wanted one, and confessed that to V but didn't want to spend the case you hadn't yet noticed I'm cheap.  V on the other hand loves to spend money, it doesn't even have to be on himself!  When I told him I really wanted a Kindle Fire he simply said "Ok, well buy one then!"  (Needless to say I hand our finances.) Within a week of confessing that I wanted one I told V not to spend the money. (I'm making us sound poor, we are by no means poor, like I said I'm cheap!).  The day before my birthday V was late getting home from work, when he finally did arrive he presented me with a shiney new Kindle Fire (and two year warranty), not only that V told me to "buy books and a case, enjoy it, you deserve it!"  I've never looked back!

Since April I've already read four books and I have one just waiting for me!  So I thought it would be fun to start posting my reviews of said books.  I'm probably not the typical reader, I much prefer memoirs and true stories to fantasy and fiction.  I have no desire to read the Grey series nor anything about Vampires.  I have a subscription to Self Magazine on my Kindle Fire (once my physical subscriptions to Runner's World & Women's Health Magazine run out those will be on my kindle too!)  While we're at it I'll just confess to checking facebook, using myfitnesspal and generally screwing off on it instead of reading. :)

With that said I'm open to suggestions!  I'd love to know what others are reading and if your reviews!  So be on the watch in the coming weeks for reviews of books I've read so far: Kisses from Katie, Girl Walks Into a Bar, Bossypants & Where You Left Me.

Happy Wednesday!
Much Love,

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