August 24, 2012

A Day In the Life {of a Working Mom}

I saw a post similar to this on a stay-at-home-mom blog and thought it would be fun to compare.

A Typical Day;

6:10 am I get up after hitting the snooze once, I can hear my coffee brewing and I want to be out of the shower before it's done (I have a coffee maker with a timer that I load with grounds the night before it is HEAVEN!)

6:33 am I'm out of the shower, dressed, sipping coffee and putting on make up. Fingers crossed to have my hair done before Liam is up, this is rare.

6:45 am V gets Liam up, brings him into the kitchen and feeds him, today's breakfast is cut up banana and vanilla yogurt with some milk and a few honeynut cheerios.  I'm sssoooo close to being done with my hair, darn it!

6:50 am I'm finally done getting ready, I take Liam into the living room and play with him on the floor while I sip some coffee and eat my breakfast (vanilla yogurt with vanilla/almond granola and a few dark chocolate chips).  We always have the national news on but I rarely hear much.

7:20 am V starts to prepare for work, I dress Liam for the day, brush his hair and teeth, then continue playing.

7:38 am I pull together anything Liam will need for his day with Nanna and my leftovers, we load up and head out.

7:56 am we pull up to Nanna's, go in chat with her about anything necessary, I leave for work (Liam typically cries a little when I leave now, it's hard but Nanna has told me it never lasts more than 30 seconds, I choose to believe her).

8:10 am-4:30 pm I work. 

4:55 pm I pick up Liam at Nanna's.  I always ask if he took both naps, ate well, poo'd etc.

5:15 pm Liam and I get home, Liam likes to eat immediately so I put him in his highchair with a snack which today was watermelon and begin on dinner (note to self get better at using crockpot).  Today I baked some chicken breasts and prepared salad (Liam's dinner is a small portion of whatever we eat, I also made some peas for him which are one of his favorites!)

5:35 pm V is working late so I eat with Liam, we are all done with dinner so we head to the livingroom for playtime.

6:04 pm V gets home from work, he eats and showers since he had a long day.

6:20 pm-7:20 pm we play with Liam, practice walking, play with blocks etc. Sometimes we'll go for a walk but V is extra tired and I'm certainly not well enough yet.  We only do baths every few nights if it were a bath night we'd do one from 7:00 pm to about 7:20ish.

7:30p we start bedtime routine; Tonight I change Liam's diaper, brush his teeth and put him in jammies while V fills his humidifier, picks up the toys in the livingroom and straightens his bedding.  Liam sits in my lap with his monkey and sippy while V reads two stories from  Liam's children's bible, kisses and into the crib. We tell Liam we love him and "night night"

7:40-9p Time with V, we typically watch TV and just hang out (I often go running during this time or twice a week V plays video games). I usually put out my clothes for the next day and prepare leftovers for Liam and my lunches as well.  I might do some light cleaning during this time...sometimes.

9:30p I often go to bed, I've always been a morning person.(with how sick I've been lately I've gone to bed as early as 8pm, sad.)

So there you have it, a typical Thursday in our lives.  It's pretty organized, because it has to be but honestly I like it that way. 

Much Love,

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  1. Looks like a great day :)

    I hope you feel better soon <3