January 26, 2010


I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like I have to be Superwife. Not because my husband expects me to but more so I feel like I have to do it all-all the time. So my craziness is self imposed, what a way to discover this! LOL! After working 8 hours I feel like I have to go home and make dinner and have a clean home-super clean. Not to mention I am studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer so I have to study at night and of course workout. How exhausting!! This whole mess leads to one tired wife-lady and a cranky one at that. Often times I feel like I get no "me" time, but it's also my own fault, no one is asking me for a home cooked meal and spotless house everyday. V. has told me over and over that he is happy to make his own dinner and that the house doesn't always need to be super clean.
Sometimes I wish I could be messier, but our little rental is just that little. With two adults and one 19lb dogger it gets very messy very fast. I feel like I can't think when it's cluttered and just overall dirty, I have to do a little everyday just to keep up. I know what you are thinking, yep V. is a messy man. He does help me out but I often have to pull him away from the tv or his video games, in all fairness he works all day at a physically demanding job while I sit at my desk and face a mentally exhausting tasks.
So I am starting today going to make changes to my routine in order to allow for more studying and "me" time. I will start using the crock pot more often (dinner for tonight is already in there) and will sit and watch the shows I enjoy without running around cleaning/cooking etc during commercials. Also I am going to delegate more chores to V. with a timeline of when would be most helpful that they are completed. Hopefully these small steps will lead to a much less stressed wife-lady.

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