January 13, 2010

Putting My Financial Foot Down!

I love my husband beyond the use of human language, really I do. When we got married he asked me to be in charge of our finances, and it was fine with me. However, I have not been as diligent as I need to be. He has wanted plenty of toys over the last two years and I've really been spineless about it, or maybe lazy is a better term. We both work hard but do not make a ton of money, we need to budget and save so we can achieve our collective dreams and goals.Well I went home last night and put my financial foot down, in a nice way. I told him that he had assigned me this role so that we could be financially sound and achieve said goals and now it was time to completely let go and let me do my job well. We are now officially on a budget, one that sets aside one of my paychecks per month and focuses on paying down and getting rid of our debt (we have very little other than my student loans) and saving up for our someday baby. My husband was wonderful, he was more than happy to move forward with this new plan. I know there will be bumps and we won't always meet those goals but we are going to try, hard, together and that is what matters most to me!

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