June 25, 2012

Final Week of Marathon Training

I'm so thankful that my marathon (half marathon to be specific) is coming to a close, at least for this race.  I am still absolutely in love with running however I'm becoming exhausted.  Here is an overview of reasons I'm ready to be done training.

  1.  Liam is going to bed later and later which means I'm running later and later.
  2.  It's getting difficult to find enough time to run 8+ miles (this takes me around 2 hours).  
  3. When I run late I can't fall asleep, typically I'm out at 9:30p...when I run after 8pm I don't get to bed/fall asleep until around 11p (and I have to be up at 6a to get ready for work).
  4. It's getting HOT here, last night I ran at about 8pm and it was still in the eighties....too hot for this girl!  Last night I only did two miles and was dripping sweat!
  5. I'm yearning to hike, hiking and training is killing me (although I love how tone my legs are).  It's just too much to mix.
  6.  My body is just tired, luckily the rest of my runs before the actual marathon are 4 miles are less.
  7. Lastly, I'm just ready to go out and run with no mileage requirement, no nothing other than the desire to run.
Ok one more, I'm just really ready to do the race, see my time and have the accomplishment.  But for now I'm pooped, it's going to be a super early bed time for me.

Much Love,

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