June 29, 2012

Feeding a Tiny Person

When we first starting giving Liam solids around 5 months I remember thinking this isn't so bad!  Until we ran through all the basic purees.  Then it was like hmmmm....what else can I make him?  (I made ~90% of Liam's food, it was easy even for this working momma!).  As Liam grew I'd try to change it up with the ultimate goal being...I didn't want to raise a picky eater!  I tried hard to expose him to a wide variety of foods, still do!  Overall I think I did a good job, he eats just about anything and has even grown to like carrots (once his arch enemy).

Now that Liam is One Year Old! (How did that happen?)  I feel like he's in this brand new place, he can eat a vast majority of things we eat!  It's wonderful, most of the time. We just introduced Whole Cow's Milk and in true Liam fashion he likes it.  We are in the process of eliminating bottles as well, almost there!

Here's the thing.  I sorta liked it a bit more when Liam was around 8-9 months, when there were still things I felt he wasn't ready for so I was making him a meal and making us a different one.  It really wasn't all that bad, most of the time I had things I could throw together quickly for him that were healthy.  Liam loves to eat right when we get home, right when we get him...5pm sharp.  (V doesn't get home until about 6pm).  Sometimes when I felt lazy I'd make Liam his healthy little dinner and skimp on V and I (or we'd have something super easy like cereal).  Now that Liam is big enough to eat most things we eat so it's silly, and way too much work, to make two dinners....but I don't always feel like eating a healthy dinner! Most of the time yes, not always though.  But my Momma brain doesn't really want Liam eating these less healthy items.

In the grand scheme of things I realize one less healthy dinner is not the end of the world but my stance is this:  He has his whole lifetime to eat whatever he wants, I'm responsible for giving him a healthy foundation. I guess I just need to be more prepared and plan out our dinners a week at a time, that's going to take some motivation! 

These are the things that I think far too much about!  Someone tell me I'm not the only one who thinks (or once thought) way too much about this!

Much Love

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