June 29, 2012

Child-free Time

I will be the first to tell you I don't like spending time away from my child.  Judge if you must. I get about an hour before work and less than three hours after work with him each day, anything other than Liam time can wait until after he's asleep or the weekends.  This has taught me mad time management skills, I thought I was organized pre-Liam, Ha!

However somethings are just impossible with my little sidekick...well at my side.  Like preparing for a mini family vacay.  About once a month we let Liam sleep over at V's parent's house.  Usually we use this time to get extra chores done and maybe sleep in a little on a Saturday morning.  This week I just knew we couldn't get as prepared as we wanted with little Liam crawling behind us and it would be impossible for one of us to get everything done after he went to sleep, hence Liam got to sleep over at G'ma & G'pa's!  He loves it there, we got a ton done....win-win.  (Aside from the fact that I miss him like crazy and it's only been 24 hours, I can't pick him up for another 8, boo work-boo!)

One confession I'll make; I so enjoyed sleeping an extra 45 minutes this morning, taking a nice long shower and taking my sweet time straightening my hair this morning.  I ate my breakfast slowly and didn't have to pack up Liam and the car and drive the 20 or so miles ('round trip) only to rush to work.  This morning has been kinda lazy and wonderful. I even had the house all to myself for a half hour because V goes to work before I do, sweet silence how I love thee!  I miss Liam more than I can say but I've enjoyed the free time, if only for a few hours.

Now it's off to work, I can't wait for our mini-vaca!

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  1. I bet that felt great today! I know how much you love to see your little nugget, but some quiet time will do wonders for a mama too! Glad you got some chill time! :)