February 2, 2012


I haven't posted nearly enough about Liam lately.   He's incredible.  Enough, said, No? :)  He's not on the move yet and I'm ok with it.  Each baby meets his or her milestones at their own pace.  He did say his first real word on Saturday.  V and I were just chillin' and playing with Liam while he babbled away...then out of no where "da-da-da-da errrr Dada."  V and I just looked at one another in shock, V and I would say "Liam, Dada?" and he repeated it a few times.  V totally teared up.  It was an incredible moment, I'm so glad V and I got to be home to share it!  Other than that he's just loving solids, he gets those twice a day now!  Hard to believe my tiny baby eats "real" food (still the mush version but ya know).  He finds the dog of special interest, if she is anywhere near him he leads at her and smiles and giggles....they are bound to be buddies! 

Also Liam and I have started going swimming, I've started looking into lessons for Liam since he LOVES water so very much!  Here is a pic from Liam's first time! (i'll be rockin' a tankini for a while!)

I feel so very blessed that Liam is in good health, he's hands down the happiest person I know.  Sure he whines and gets up set but for the most part he's a really happy little guy.  His smiles and giggles (not to mention hugs and "kisses" he's started giving) make everything else in the world melt away.  God gave me Liam exactly when he knew I'd need him.  I can't imagine going through all I have in the last few months without Liam, he's kept my head on straight throughout so much of it.  <3

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