February 26, 2012

Bad Blogger

I feel like I've neglected my blog lately. I have been so caught up in my whole "situation" with insurance that it's taken a vast majority of my spare energy. And let's face it, who wants to hear about that all the time? No one, not even me some days.

At this moment it appears I have a chance of winning the battle with insurance. It boils down to the other doctor only has hours one day a week that I can see her (her restrictions, not mine)....since my auto immune disease can be dangerous if not well monitored my insurance might be willing to allow me a temporary continuance of care (~1 year). I'll let you know what comes of it; hopefully I'll have answers on Tuesday.

In other news work is going well, my boss had hired a woman in our department that turned out to be a lazy pos. I'm not so great at hiding my feelings (imagine that, lol) and it was rough sailing for a while there because of it. Well the new woman finally quit. My boss was too prideful to admit she had made a bad hire, and with two other open roles on our team I can understand to an extent. I've stepped up and have created some training documents and will be doing some traveling to train members of our team. I've also held down the fort with the now 3 open roles (two of which should be filled shortly). Thankfully my boss has seen this. She can be a handful, but when things are good they are really good. I found out last week I'm scheduled to get my third raise in 1.5 years so I must be doing something right. These aren't huge raises, I'm certainly not breaking the bank, I took a 10% pay cut to leave my old very stressful job...I'm almost back at that wage which was a decent income.

On the marriage home front....V and I are getting ready to celebrate four years of marriage. Not a very long time in the grand scheme of things but with all we've been through I really wanted to close the book on year four and welcome year five with a trip away. Liam is slated to sleep over at G'ma and G'pa's house while V and I travel 3 hours away to spend a night in a fancy hotel, attend a concert, shop a little, enjoy new restaurants and take a little time for ourselves. V isn't terribly excited about the concert, which is typical, but I know he'll have a good time once we are there. This will be really good for us.

Then there is Liam, the reason my world spins. My gosh, he's amazing! He is a professional grasper now, I can put virtually anything sorta near him and he will bend completely over and get it. He loves feeding himself little treats! Today the three of us just stayed home in our jammies, it was glorious to just play with him, nap and snack....I wish today didn't have to end!

So there you have it, all the goings-on of my little world. I hope each of you is well!

Much Love,

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you guys had a wonderful time. Kit