April 18, 2013

So Much Change

Since I've been a bad blogger I've neglected to share that Nanna, the woman who has watched Liam since he was 7 weeks old, is retiring from being a childcare provider.  I cried and then my type-A kicked in and I found a new and formal daycare/pre-school for Liam.  He loves it there but the transition was hard.  V's mom will be retiring and watching Liam 3 days per week but until that officially happens he goes to daycare Mon-Tues, Nanna's Weds-Thrus and G'ma on Fridays.  Thankfully next week will be the last week we have to do this before V's mom has Weds-Fri off to watch Liam.  (We intentionally chose to have Liam in a daycare/pre-school two days a week for a lot of reasons I may someday write about)

Oh yeah and we are about to move so our lives are in boxes.  I swear each morning Liam counts his toys!

And Liam is cutting a molar or molars.

And Liam and I have been sharing the same cold back and forth for about 5 weeks (but who's counting).

Poor little Liam just hasn't been himself and understandably so, there has been so much going on in his life, way too much change at once.  I just can't wait to close on the house, get in there and all settled in so that his life can return to normal.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

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