April 11, 2013

No Rock N Roll Half Marathon for Me

*blows dust off little blog*

This post could easily get long and whiny fast so I'm just going to spill it...I'm not doing the 2013 Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Portland as planned, and I'm about as bummed out about it as you can get. 

My kiddo got this nasty cold that has been going around here and then shared with Momma, as luck would have it that cold turned into a nasty sinus infection/chest cold that I am still fighting nearly four weeks later.  I haven't run in a solid month, not once...in fact I did yoga yesterday and it kicked my butt.  No fun. I had worked my way up to 7 miles but right now that feels impossible...heck 3 miles sounds painful!  The RnR half is little over a month away, I know I could force myself to train SUPER hard at the cost of free time with my family (and perhaps much of my sanity), I could still take the time off work and spend all the money to travel there only to be disappointed with my performance. Not worth it, especially when I'm still coughing like crazy at night (and thus not sleeping through the night).

There is a wonderful Marathon (Half and Full) in our city every July but unfortunately we will be out of state for a family reunion.  So I've been searching and searching for another race, I flat out lost my reregistration fee for RnR Portland (which I simultaneously understand and loth) so part of the search has been that I don't have to travel, let's try and keep cost down, shall we?

I have a race or two that I am eye-balling, both are in later fall which will be beautiful and give me lots and lots of time to train.  I'm super tempted to attempt a full since I'll have the entire summer to train but the husband thinks that is a bad idea (he can be the logical one sometimes). 

The part of my life that doesn't revolve around running (you know marriage, kiddo, work and that whole house thing) is good but crazy busy, perhaps why I got so sick?  The house is supposedly going to be done by May 1, I'm excited and nervous....I've been using this extra energy to start packing which is surreal.

Someday I'll write a post about all that, maybe even include pics...someday!

Much Love,

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