April 18, 2013

I'm officially 30!

Today I entered a whole new decade in my life (and age category in running as my bestie noted).  I wasn't weirded out last night nor this morning, although Liam is cutting a back tooth and didn't sleep well so I was a bit too tired to be too concerned with my age.

V and Liam surprised me with two charms for my Pandora bracelet, Liam was especially excited to present me a gift which was super cute!  V has been giving me these charms our entire marriage but since they are a bit pricey the frequency has gone way down with the addition of Mr Liam. I was totally surprised since we had agreed to no gifts with the finish of the house so close! V told me he tried to find a house charm which I thought was super sweet.  After some hugs and kisses we all succuried to get ready and out the door.

At work I received many kind emails, facebook has been a flood of kind words and my bestie surprised me with flowers for my desk! They have found a prime spot to get any possible sunlight!  My sweet co-workers took me to lunch at one of my favorite places, we ate and laughed until we thought we'd explode! (Bosslady is traveling so that is a nice little break too.) Tonight Liam gets a sleepover with Grandma & Grandpa while V and I go on a rare date night!

I have no deep thoughts on turning 30, I'm slightly glad my 20s are behind me but only because of my excitement for the years to come.  The bombings in Boston have taken up a lot of my mental space lately but mostly because of the pride in a community I consider myself part of; the running community has stepped up in big and heartfelt ways...My bestie (and Liam if the weather is good) will do a organized run on Monday night with all the proceeds going to the The One Fund and I can't think of a better thing to do at the start of this decade!

And if anyone is counting approx. 8 days until we close on our house.....tick tock tick tock!

Much Love,

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  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had an awesome day! I turn 30 in June and am kind of ambivalent to it. My husband on the other hand turned 30 in January and kind freaked out. :)