September 11, 2012

One of Those Tough Moments

I've said it a thousand and one times...Liam is such a easy baby, now a easy toddler.  He started sleeping through the night around 6 months, on his own with no sleep training.  One day we stopped giving him bottles (around 12 months) and he didn't bat an eye.  We didn't even know when he teethed for the first time.  He's an easy going, happy-go-lucky boy.

But over the last few months he's had a rough time when I drop him off at Nanna's in the morning.  Usually he'll just fuss, once in a while he cries big 'ol alligator tears (cue my breaking heart).  Nanna has always tells me he stops by the time I'm to my car (so maybe 30 seconds).  It's rough on me, I won't lie I've teared up too.  Thankfully it's not everyday, some days he hardly seems to notice becuase he's playing with his buddies.

Today though.  Oh man.  Nanna reached for Liam and for the first time ever Liam wrapped his little hands around me and pressed into my chest and shook his little head "no". Can you hear that? It's my heart shattering.  I rubbed his back and talked with Nanna for a moment before she tried again, Liam gave the same reaction.  Ouch.  Soon enough I had to go, I reassured him that I loved him and he'd have a good day and I'd be back very soon.  He seemed more ok with me leaving but still wasn't happy about it.  Nanna's daughter was there and made sure to tell me that even when Liam is really upset it really lasts less than a minute.  I thanked her, told Liam I loved him and waved "bye-bye" and headed to work. (I don't believe in "sneaking out", I think for my child it would make the whole situation worse so I always wave).

Needless to say today was one of those tough moments.

Much Love,


  1. Oh that is definitely rough! He loves his mommy so much! I'm glad his fussing doesn't last long though. Hopefully it'll get easier with time!

  2. My Luke went through that a bit ago. He had no problem with us dropping him off at grandmas or a friends until around 14 months, and then clinging and crying. It only last about 3 months though so not to bad. It is hard though, but hang in there you know he's with someone that loves him and will be fine after a few minutes.