September 19, 2012

Searching for Home Decor

Ummm.... I am having THE BEST time looking at houses, day dreaming about paint and decor.  I realize that once we find "the house" it will be a ton of work but I'm so excited.  When I moved in with V he had a lot of bachelor decor, a fair amount of it has stuck around and then we bought a sofa while I was very pregnant....note to self do not buy furniture while pregnant.....We now have a very comfy but not so cute sofa that isn't going anywhere any time soon.  It's ok though, we've already agreed to a few pieces of new furniture we'll get once we have the new house, I'm certain I can make it all work.

I have my eye on a few really cute items that I may just have to pick up before we actually get "the" house. :)   You can also follow me on Pinterest HERE and my fitness Pinterest HERE.

Any decorating pointers?  I'm all ears! 

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